Portrait of a Woman Warrior
Portrait of Woman Catching Her Breath Outside
Portrait of Woman Wondering What the Hell You're Thinking
Portrait of Woman Inside Her Thoughts
Vertical Streams
Catching a Vertical Stream
Portrait of a Girl Remembering
Portrait of a Woman Thinking About Something Else
Through the Wall and Into the Sky
Every Morning Above the Trees
When you sleep I will watch over you
Throughout Time
Totem of General Discontent
This Side of the Fence
Totem of Watching You Over the Fence
Totem of Mysterious Origins
The Ancestors are with us
Between Worlds
Backyard Blues
Jr. Still Hears
The First Snow
Disintegration from Silence
Here we always were
From the Dirt
Babydoll's Demons
I will protect you always
One Stormy Afternoon
This is me letting go
What divides us
From here it looks like this
Escape Plan
Does it scare you when I speak?
Playground Totem
Royal Totem
Exploratory Totem
# Twenty Nine
# Thirty
# Twenty Three
# Twenty
# Twenty Six
# Twenty Seven
 # Twelve
# Eleven
Make me something pretty
# Eighteen
Bull Imp
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