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'Tell it to the Mountain' Art Exhibit


An exploration into the divine unknown. 

April 1st/4:30-9pm

April 2nd/3-9pm

FREE greeting card set for the first 25 guests, both nights

76 S. Washington St, Seattle, WA

'The Fool goes where others fear to tread. The Archetype of the Holy Fool is alive and well, and the line between mysticism and madness is still razor thin…

When you step out in faith like the Fool, others may declare you insane. 

You can’t be The Magician unless you’re first willing to be The Fool. You can’t wield spiritual power without stepping, as the Fool steps, into the Void.  The Void is the space between the worlds.  It’s the place where creation begins. It’s where magic arises.  It’s the emptiness where nothing happens, and nothing is left undone.'

-Kimberly Schneider 'Are you a holy fool?'

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